The life cycle of a pirate

Every ship has an expiration date. They may not break down and they may need minimal maintenance but, every ship that is piloted into the vast universe will one day perish.That is the nature of New Eden — life, destruction, death and life again.Some capsuleers choose to live under the protection of Concord in high…

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Low Sec: Come with cash

Captan’s Log: First entrySpace — It’s either eerily empty or overly crowded. Strange how that works.The crowds have made ransom attempts a bit difficult and I’ve been trying to find a balance to when I need to focus on my own profits versus damaging the machine that is the manufacturers of the high security war…

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Mis-clicks and menus

It hasn’t been going well in the finance department this past week. Three business opportunities made appointments but all of them blew up in my face. (See what I did there? twice… ;p )I’ve continued to fly my Jaguar around in the earlier parts of the week. I seemed to be having good luck finding…

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Return to Molden Heath: Part 2

The Return to Molden Heath has been going rather well. It’s not the most crowded of areas and so keeping my Corporation as one of the top pirate authorities in the area has been a challenge while flying solo. It’s nothing I can’t handle but it means I have to fly fast to get what…

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