Concord; One pirate’s perspective

Limitless freedom — that is what they promised me when I signed up for the capsuleer program all those years ago. I should have known it was too good to be true.

I truly thought that I was born into a life where I could forge my own path but, from the moment I awoke in my first of many clones, I knew that something was wrong. I died upon indoctrination and, when I opened my eyes again, I was thrust into a cramped, barely-powered ship, handed a paltry amount of credits and then — I was told to kill.

Profit in the wake of destruction. These were the basic principles taught to me from the moment my life as a clone pilot began. I, as a new capsuleer under the inner alliances, am ordered to go out and destroy pirate gangs or to harvest as much of a resource as possible.  All this for credits that I can then spend on more tools of destruction so that I could better serve those that created me. What I could not do however, was interfere with any other capsuleer’s credit-earning process.

Do not disrupt the machine because, if you do, “justice” will be swift. But what is justice? In new Eden, it seems, that justice is the destruction of the wrongful party. And who is the wrongful party? Anyone who upsets the system of resource accumulation. Should you take from the system, your ship is flagged for “rightful” destruction. Should you destroy part of the system, your own destruction will come on the swift retribution system that is Concord, the so-called law and order of the galaxy.

This is not freedom; this is an illusion of freedom. Do as they say, and you will not be harmed.

Now, why would I want to break their rules, some might ask. Why would I want to steal from others or destroy someone else’s property? The answer is simple, and it is the same one that Concord gives. I do it to protect my own interests in what are a finite amount of resources.

Take mining for example. In high security space a single capsuleer may mine to increase their wealth and status under Concord’s rule. If other capsuleers, in a more advanced fleet, come to the same belt to mine the same asteroids they will be, effectively waging battle through denial of resources on the single capsuleer because that single pilot could not hope to outpace the opposing mining fleet before they have stripped the asteroid belt bare. Concord does not punish the second fleet for this war.

However, should the single capsuleer choose to engage in another type of war, one that is fought with guns, to drive off the mining fleet, Concord will enact swift vengeance upon the singular pilot. Why would they do this? Because Concord does not care who accumulates the resources, they only care that the resources are accumulated and that the resources are protected. Concord, it seems, is a mob dressed in police clothing. In short, they are telling us to do as they say and by the way, they’ll be back next weekend to collect protection money.

Your freedom, dear capsuleer’s, is a lie. Concord is only there to protect the property and enforce compliance to the status quo. The real question is, why is Concord doing this? Are they simply amassing as many capsuleers within high security space because they enjoy the control that they excerpt over them or do they have some other sinister plan? A plan that requires a massive accumulation of resources on a scale that even surpasses what caused the destruction of our previous galaxy. All those resources, from minerals to the capsuleer’s enslaved to the system, is terrifying in the hands of an organization designed to use violence as primary means of control.

As for me, if I am going to have to fight for resources then I may as well do it for someone who matters — myself.

Fly fast, fly free and I’ll see you in space,

P.s. I wrote this on my phone and didn’t have a good eve related, home/feature image so you get a photo of some of my foster kittens instead. Perhaps I’ll edit it when I get home or perhaps not. I mean… kittens.

The most important part of the article.

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