Why I love Eve Online; alternative ISK making

Like opportunities, not all methods of ISK making are obvious. I’m logging this one here for future reference as it disrupts supply, gets me paid and makes a few people smile all at the same time.

I was flying local space in the Fribrodi constellation when I spotted a pilot I didn’t recognize in one of my local systems. Even more peculiar, they seemed to be mining/stealing moon minerals from Panic Attack, a local “frenemies.”

They were using a Porpoise, a formidable ship, but I felt rather confident that my particular Nergal was set up quite nicely to handle the situation. ( I know how I fly a Porpoise after all, so I find them quite competent).

I make quick work of the pilot and send them an email that I have no intention of enforcing nor getting a follow up from. Not to worry though, for it is only a ruse for the true scam against the rightful owners of the moon minerals.

I take the original email and forward it to the station owners with the following message attached.

Not knowing what could happen seeing as we have had our scuffles in the past and I have no jurisdiction here, I figured I may as well try because you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

After a few days I get my answer and am happy with the results. Not only do I get paid, but I get the opposite of tears as well. I get community. This is why I love the sandbox of Eve Online.

Fly Fast,
R1FTA Director of Mining

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